Welcome to the EKS GitOps challenge

Get hands-on experience with GitOps and Canary Deployments (“Progressive Delivery”)

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This is a self-paced online workshop where you will get hands-on experience with GitOps and Progressive Delivery using Amazon EKS, eksctl, AWS App Mesh, Flux and Flagger.


  • Your own laptop and an internet connection
  • Fill out this form http://bit.ly/gitops-handson-form (opens new window)
  • You own an AWS account (this costs about $1-2 to complete and about $7/day if you keep the cluster)
  • Follow the self-paced workshop instructions (you can stop right before the canary rollback step)
  • You have completed the hands-on when you enter: $ kubectl -n demo get canary and get the result: podinfo Succeeded

If we can come to your city, we will bring you this T-shirt. (So don't forget to fill out the form!)


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